Full Line of Over-The-Counter Medications 

  • Cough & Cold Medicines / Headache Remedies / Pain Relievers / Eye and Ear drops / allergy medication / first aid creams & ointments / Upset stomach / Heartburn / constipation / diarrhea / sleep aids / Menstrual Cramping / Urinary Tract Infection Remedies / Fungal – Yeast infection remedies / Creams For Jock Itch and Athlete’s feet / Toe Nail Fungus / Corn and bunion remedies / Sports Injury Related Medications

Full Line of Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

  • From Vitamin A to Zinc and Herbal remedies for all types of ailments

Pregnancy Test Kits and Prevention Supplies 

  • Basal thermometers / Ovulation Kits / Prophylactics

First Aid Supply Items

  • Band Aids / Scrapes and burn remedies / Poison Ivy – Oak – Sumac Products / Gauze pads of all sizes / skin protectants / bandage removal products

Skin Care Products

  • From dry / oily skin to acne / psoriasis / dermatitis / dandruff, etc.

Full Line of Wound Care Products

  • including many types of specialty dressings
  • Specialty wound cleaning products

Baby & Infant Care

  • Gas drops / Skin Creams / Baby soaps and Shampoos as well as baby bath / diapers and formulas / fluid replacement products / teething remedies / constipation

Surgical Stockings

  • We carry (IN-STOCK) a full line of compression hose / Surgical stockings to meet your needs. Our Pharmacist or Professional staff will gladly take your measurements and help with the correct selection based on your doctors specifications and your color choice!
  • We also carry and alternative to TEDS brand compression hose (stockings) that are comparable in quality at a fraction of the cost of the price of the brand name TEDS. **And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return them for full credit or replacement!

OTHER Condition Specific Product Offerings

  • We have a full line of injury / condition specific braces / wraps / treatment aids
    • Such as Ankle / Knee braces – Back belts – Hernia belts – ACE Bandages – Tennis Elbow straps – arm slings, etc. all IN-STOCK
    • Need an Odd size or non-stocked specialty item??? – We can special order that unique item that your doctor wants in most cases FOR ARRIVAL THE VERY NEXT BUSINESS DAY